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Manifold Flange Connections



SKIP THE TAPE AND SEALANT:  Flange connections utilize clamps instead of threads, facilitating quick
and easy assembly and disassembly while ensuring a leak-proof system. Threaded pipe needs tape or
sealant, and the slightest imperfection in the pipe or seal can cause a leak. With properly installed flange
connections, you won’t worry about connection leaks or wait for sealant to cure.


SAVE TIME. SAVE MONEY:  Time spent un-threading systems and repairing leaks from faulty
connections is unproductive and ultimately hits your pocketbook. Banjo’s manifold flange systems get
you back in the field and out of the shop in no time.


GET RIGHT TO THE SOURCE:  With Banjo manifold flange connections, the days of spending hours
unhooking entire systems of valves and fittings are over. You can directly isolate and replace the
problematic part or re-plumb sections without disassembling the whole system.