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Why Choose A Floating Dock

Floating Docks


This dock is usually constructed out of plastic or other non-wood material. It is generally inexpensive and installation is fairly straightforward.

Well-suited to deep water or mucky bottoms, this dock type doesn’t require much in the way of a support structure and can be secured solely to the shore, meaning there is no contact with the bottom at all.

Floating docks are also a good choice for people on reservoir lakes with fluctuating depths or on busy waterways who are often battered by large waves and wakes. Since the dock floats on top of the water, the amount of freeboard (space between dock and water) stays constant – which means your dock won’t end up underwater or high and dry. This dock is also particularly attractive to people wishing to minimize the environmental impact a dock will make on their lake bottom.

A common concern about floating docks is stability. Instability is, however, often the result of common installation errors. Also, if you decide to go with a floating dock, keep in mind that most dock builders recommend a minimum size of 6 feet wide by 20 feet long – wider is more stable. Advanced Tank Technologies can also assist you with the exact dock you need for the body of water you are on.

Many manufacturers feel that floating docks work at their full potential when kept in the water year-round, but if shifting ice is an issue at your cabin, they can be removed seasonally.