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Why Should You Use the Industry’s Best Dock Floats?

If you own a marina, your floating docks and slips are a revenue source you need to protect; and using the best flotation provides the longest useful life, best protection and lowest maintenance cost.

If you’re a floating dock builder, Ace dock floats will complement your reputation as a quality dock builder and minimize costly post install maintenance calls.

If you’re building your own residential floating dock, use the dock floats the professionals use. Don’t settle for less.

No one else can provide you the quality, the protection and the
54 rotationally-molded dock float sizes that Ace can deliver.

Our blow-molded VersaFloat dock floats are available in 24″ x 48″ x12 and 24″ x 48″ x 16″ providing tank-tested drum buoyancy ratings from 425lbs and 580lbs, respectively.

You can be assured that VersaFloats meet the strictest specs and quality standards. And our warranty is unmatched. That’s why professional dock builders around the world choose Ace dock floats.

All floats are constructed of recyclable materials.

No CFC is used in foam filling process.


Only the Best Materials Used in Dock Float Production

Only the best virgin materials are used in the construction of Ace dock floats. Linear virgin polyethylene resin with UV ray inhibitors and carbon black pigment is used to produce our rotationally molded outer shells. Compliant with FDA Title 21 environmental standards, this resin offers a level of toughness, rigidity, stress-crack resistance and low temperature impact performance unmatched in the industry.

All dock floats are filled with the highest quality EPS foam injected under steam to ensure a solid void-free foam fill that meets the Hunt 7-Day Water Absorption Test and provides a solid foam core for added structural strength.


A Field-Proven Floating Dock Float Design You Can Trust

Ace’s consistent and tested dock float wall thickness is 0.150” nominal. No spot in the dock float shell will be less than 0.125″at any point. That’s why Ace dock floats exceed the ASTM Falling Dart Puncture Test even when subjected to -20°F testing temperatures. The float shell is seamless so there are no weak weld points to fail. And, structural ribs on both the top and bottom deliver added strength and durability.

External mounting flanges and slots are an integral part of each dock float design. You never have to penetrate the float body to attach a float to a floating dock frame; so you never compromise the dock float water tight integrity or introduce an unnecessary failure point. And installation is much faster and easier, as well. Use nut, bolt and washer combinations on steel and aluminum frames, and lag screws and washers on wood frame floating docks.


Backed by the industry’s only 15-Year Warranty, USACOE Compliant

Confident with our tested dock float quality and field-tested design, Ace floats are backed by the only 15-year warranty that exceeds the USACOE regulation requiring that the first 8 years offer 100% non- prorated replacement for defective floats. Our warranty provides 100% non-prorated replacement for the first 10 years.