Why Choose HDPE Tanks For Your Farm?

Many rural properties around Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana & Pennsylvania do not have access to main water supply and instead rely on private sources of water. These other options include rainwater, carted water, ground water and surface water. Of these, the most expensive is carted water, which can be inconvenient, costly and ultimately inefficient. Groundwater and surface water sources can have issues with water quality, licensing and availability and can be suitable only for stock or irrigation use in some instances. Rainwater is the best option for domestic household use, particularly if you have a large catchment area with good guttering on the roof of your house and any adjacent sheds.

Why choose a HDPE Water Tank?
Below-ground concrete tanks are at risk from contamination from sources such as sewage from septic tanks, industrial and agricultural runoff, seepage from garbage, polluted storm water or groundwater and chemical spills. With this in mind, steel, above-ground HDPE tanks are the healthiest option.

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